The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby       昨夜堅持到很晚,看完了故事。也许是夜的缘故,很容易融入到故事的世界。Gatsby 的死最终让我感到悲伤,但这悲伤不是莫名的。就像巴尔扎克因高老头的死而放声痛哭,他已经进入创作的世界里,好像看着这个可怜而无辜的人在自己身边死去,却无能为力。


      首先,作为Gatsby理想化身的Daisy, 从来都没有单纯过,关于这种女人我也不想再说表明什么了。可是尽管她早已移情别恋,尽管他清楚地听出她的声音里充满了金钱,但他仍不改初衷,希望能重温旧梦。而旧梦本身就不是美好的,那个曾经心底单纯的Daisy只是Gatsby梦的一部分。其实 有些东西并没有改变,它只是从不存在而已。而Gatsby直到作为Daisy的牺牲品被枪杀也未曾梦醒 —— 这是我为之难过的原因之一 。

      Tom Buchanan,这个不好也不愚蠢的人,拥有财富和上流社会的贵族血统。这样出身的人多少是自负的,他可以在外边和情妇Mrs. Wilson作乐,但不能忍受自己的女人Daisy跟别的男人有染。出身低下的Gatsby ,在他面前逊色不少,他精心编织的华丽外衣很快被扒的一干二净。在金碧辉煌的上流社会,Gatsby的财富并不是坚不可摧的盾牌,有些东西是这些”爆发户“们永远可望而不可及的。


Jay Gatsby is GREAT , but POOR .

---------------------- Summary ----------------------

In the beginning of the story, Nick is introduced. He has moved from the Midwest to New York to get rich by becoming a stock broker. Also living in New York is his second cousin, Daisy, who is married to Tom Buchanan. Nick, being liked by everyone, learns a lot. First of all, he learns of Gatsby who is his next-door neighbor. Secondly, he learns of Daisy and Gatsby past relationship. They used to be a couple but broke up due to the fact that Gatsby was away at war and had lost his money. This didn't make him worth loving in Daisy's eyes. Finally, Nick learns of Tom relationship with Myrtle which is going on behind Daisy back. From the moment he hears about Gatsby and sees his house, he is envious and gets his opportunity to meet him at one of Gatsby's parties. When Nick goes over to the party, he meets Gatsby and learns that he and Gatsby had fought in the same division in World War I. After this first conversation a friendship begins to build, and Nick begins to fits in.
One day, he meets up with Jordan, and she tells him about Gatsby's previous relationship with Daisy. Jordan explains to Nick, that Gatsby is still very much in love with Daisy and wishes to get her back, but he needs Nick's help. Nick invites Daisy and Gatsby over to his house, and they finally meet again. Daisy and Gatsby fall in love. Daisy is won over, oddly, by the amount of shirts that Gatsby owns. Daisy starts hanging around with Gatsby, making Tom suspicious. Tom starts going around to Gatsby parties with her. After one of the parties, Gatsby begins to realize that his relationship with Daisy isn't what it used to be. Before they used to sit and talk for hours says Gatsby. Gatsby dream is for Daisy to go to Tom and say "I never loved you". Then they could go live happily ever after. He wishes that he could bring back the love they had for each other before the war.
One day, Tom and Daisy invite Gatsby, Nick, and Jordan Baker out to lunch at their house in New York. Daisy and Gatsby finally reveal their love in front of Tom. They then all go to town where Daisy and Gatsby act very much in love making Tom extremely jealous. When they are all out to dinner, he accuses Gatsby of trying to start trouble in his house, and they begin to fight. Daisy declares that she loves Gatsby and that she doesn't love Tom anymore. Next, Tom tells Daisy and Gatsby to leave. George Wilson and his wife, Myrtle, whom Tom is having his affair with, are also having an argument. She runs out of the house, only to be hit by Gatsby's car, driven by Daisy, and is killed instantly. Tom comes by after the other car has left and sees that his lover is dead. Later on, Tom tells Wilson that Gatsby is responsible for his wife's death. Wilson then goes to Gatsby's house, kills Gatsby and shoots himself. Nick, being Gatsby's friend, makes the funeral arrangements. He tries to find some of Gatsby's other friends quickly realizing that the few friends Gatsby does have don't really care about him. Only three people go to the funeral. Saddened by Gatsby's death, Nick moves back to the Midwest to start a new life. ——— The Great Catsby《了不起的盖茨比》

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