Gone With The Wind 《飘》

《飘》,因为电影的缘故又名为《乱世佳人》,但相比之下我更喜欢 飘 —— 一切随风而逝了。

———————————— Brief ————————————
Scarlett is a woman who can deal with a nation at war, Atlanta burning, the Union Army carrying off everything from her beloved Tara, the carpetbaggers who arrive after the war. Scarlett is beautiful. She has vitality. But Ashley, the man she has wanted for so long, is going to marry his placid cousin, Melanie. Mammy warns Scarlett to behave herself at the party at Twelve Oaks. There is a new man there that day, the day the Civil War begins. Rhett Butler. Scarlett does not know he is in the room when she pleads with Ashley to choose her instead of Melanie. Gone With the Wind, an all-time best-seller by Margaret Mitchell, is a legendary recollection of the last brilliance of the Old South. The writer's debut novel was an instant success. And the story has been bestowed an even further reaching popularity since Vivian Leigh presented a vivid translation to the screen of Katie Scarlett O'Hara, a southern belle raised in her father's white-pillared plantation Tara. A climax of Hollywood, from Director Victor Fleming for MGM, Gone with the Wind is more than a vicissitude, it is also an old, lost culture revisited. It is Old South, which today is no more than a dream remembered. People were once there, living with the high strong slaves' songs in the quarters, in security, peace and eternity. Here, Scarlett spends her young maiden years. She is well disciplined by her mother, but her blazing green eyes always betray her covert capricious self; the one who enjoys parties and the surrounding ofbeaus. She dreams to marry the noble Ashley Wilkes. The impending war shatters the golden peace of the South, and leaves many lives permanently changed. Plantations, treasures, and honor are ruined. Scarlett is made a most peculiar widow by the war, and then compelled into a second marriage in continuation of her struggle for the salvation of Tara. And her third marriage to Rhett Butler is also jeopardized because of her secret, stubborn ardency for Ashley. In the end of the movie, Scarlett is left only with her Tara, a plantation which symbolizes the culture of the Old South, a place where she could ever gather her strength.

从下面一些故事中的情节可以清晰的看到Scarlett 的成长历程:


一个憧憬并执着追求爱情的女人—— 但虚荣与轻浮又一次次的让她被叛自己的内心。
一个固执的、简直是执拗的女人—— 也因此而没有意识到自己的真爱。
一个被物质的困乏吓坏的女人—— 拿自己的婚姻做物质交易,却从不自责。
      当战争将一切浮华洗净,她也终于成熟起来。 从结局来看,Scarlett 意识到自己的所为只是一个可笑的执著与错误,但清醒的同时她也该为此付出代价 —— 她的真爱,Rhett Butler 在一次次被伤害后只身离去。
      这个已经学会在困难面前从不放弃的女人想起了父亲的一句话,又给了自己新的希望 —— “Tomorrow is another day ” 。

但我不希望她还能得到幸福的结果 —— 我希望她是完整的。

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